Coyote Acres Ranch


Coyote Acres Ranch

We are open all year round.

Sustainable eating and living with all natural animal products from the five food groups — beef, pork, lamb, chicken and llama.

Coyote Acres Ranch is a family run affair with everyone contributing what and when they can. The family focuses on meat production and the animals live on pasture in happy, mixed herds.

As a diversified, family-owned ranch we produce some of the best beef, pork, lamb, chicken and llama as well as providing many on-site ranch activities. The ranch also produces a number of value-added products: everything from fertilizer to hides, wool and yarn from our sheep and llamas and fresh farm eggs from our
chickens. Our value-added products are gluten and lactose free.

We only use our own fresh pasture, fresh grass and lots of water to feed our animals 365 days a year,supplemented only with good, clean hay and grain. Our meat is free of anything that shouldn’t be in an animal!

Our finished products are vacuum packed to ensure freshness and the highest quality. Coyote Acres Ranch provides meat and animal
products with a strong commitment to conscientious animal husbandry, using all the animal parts and encouraging sustainable eating and living.

We have completed our Environmental Farm Plan and continue to find ways to improve our ranching. When you see a Coyote Acres Ranch product, you know you are getting the best available!


The following products are available through this vendor

Beef: Ground; Stir Fry; Roasts; Steaks
Morgan's Eggs
Chicken: Whole; PreCut Pieces
Pork: Ground; Stir Fry; Chops; Ribs; Roasts
Llama: Ground; Stir Fry; Patties
Lamb: Ground; Loin Chops; Roasts; Shanks; Patties
Sausages: Lamb Sausage; Beef Hot Italian; Beef Regular; Pork Breakfast; Llama Hot Italian; Llama Regular
Value-Added: Llama &/or Beef Jerky; Llama &/or Beef Pepperoni; Llama &/or Beef Garlic Coil; Summer Sausage;
Where to Find Us
You can find our products on the following locations: